Mt. Hood Linocut

Acrylic on re-purposed UPS label

Mt. Rainier Linocut and Sticker

Acrylic on reclaimed UPS label


Acrylic on brown paper bag

Acrylic on wood.  Shown at Shaping the Northwest Surfboard/Art show in Portland, Oregon. October 2013

acrylic on found wood

Pileated Woodpecker

mixed media collage

hatchet split found wood frame

Linocut print, acrylic paint on repurposed shipping labels

RC Cone and I collaborated on a time-lapse, showing part of my sticker making process. ENJOY!!!

Handmade stickers for Blackfern Surfboards

Linocut print on acrylic and reclaimed labels

Photo’s by RC Cone

Acrylic on found particle board and cedar